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Bio-methane feed-in tariffs in France

The feed-in tariffs' level and indexation of the bio-methane injected into the distribution and transmission networks are fixed by the French ministerial decree of 23 November 2011. How are such feed-in tariffs determined and indexed? Similarly to the feed-in tariffs  [ ... ]

Feed in tariffs in France & Recent changes in the wind sector

The incentive scheme for renewable power in France is mainly based on the power purchase obligation mechanism ("mécanisme de l'obligation d'achat"), which is set and described in article 10 of the law n°2000-108 of February 10th 2000. Under this tariff mechanism:  [ ... ]

The cost of capital of gas and power infrastructures

Practices in the financing firms and approach from energy regulators The cost of capital is generally calculated as the weighted sum of the costs of different sources of financing used by the firm i.e. equity and debt, as they are traditionally understood. The Weighted [ ... ]

The Security of supply of the Italian gas system

In the recent years, the Italian natural gas market was subject to imbalances between supply and demand, especially during winter peaks in consumption. As a short-term solution, the government had taken various measures such as implementing interruptibility clauses for  [ ... ]

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