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Feed in tariffs in France & Recent changes in the wind sector

The incentive scheme for renewable power in France is mainly based on the power purchase obligation mechanism ("mécanisme de l'obligation d'achat"), which is set and described in article 10 of the law n°2000-108 of February 10th 2000. Under this tariff mechanism:  [ ... ]

The ARENH mechanism
The ARENH mechanism

In 2010, the French government passed a law aiming at reforming the organization of the electricity market. Such Law on the "New Organization of Market in Electricity" (hereafter, the NOME law) has been implemented in fall last year and has set up a regulated access to  [ ... ]

Bio-methane feed-in tariffs in France

The feed-in tariffs' level and indexation of the bio-methane injected into the distribution and transmission networks are fixed by the French ministerial decree of 23 November 2011. How are such feed-in tariffs determined and indexed? Similarly to the feed-in tariffs  [ ... ]

Rehabilitation of hydropower plants

The rehabilitation of 3 hydropower plants located in the French Midi-Pyrénées Region, with four units covers turbines, generators, transformers as well as the 90kV substation and the operation monitoring and control system. Zelya was awarded the contract for the follo [ ... ]

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