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Our due diligence services for businesses and assets in the energy sector are primarily intended for banks and investment funds, as well as energy and industrial groups in the phase of external growth.

Zelya Energy has been able to forge a solid reputation, in financial markets and in the world of energy, for its tailor-made services and its sharp expertise in gas and electricity markets. The firm assists its clients both in the evaluation of the target asset price and in carrying out technical, strategic and regulatory due diligence.

Due Diligence and expertise of energy companies and assets

We assist you :

  • ... regardless of the underlying asset ( wind power plant, solar, biomass, distribution networks, LNG terminal, storage facility...)
  • ... or the activity of the target company (production, marketing, services ...)

Due diligence reffers to validation of regulatory and technical inputs into a company's or project's financial evaluation model: What is the depot and future production of a plant? What is the availability rate of a wind park? Is the connection to the electricity grid of a gas-fired power station optimal? Is the expansion or renovation project of a hydroelectric plant suited to the type of fall?

Our experts are capable of simulating a deposit and a productible, estimating past and foreseeable investment amounts, or quantifying the assumptions of availability rates or an investment, replacement or compliance scenario of the equipment on which relies the business activity to be acquired.

The sharp technical expertise of our consultants allows them to put a critical eye on a company's business plan and to manage detailed audits to check the state of its facilities, or to issue an opinion on the quality of its exploitation and maintenance.

This expertise is of the utmost importance to calmly analyze the technical risks of an acquisition, protect our customers by suggesting investment conditionalities, and to feed economic aggregates of the models on which their evaluations are based in a relevant way.

Due Diligence and expertise of energy companies and assets

Examples of mission

CCGG. Due Diligence of a 430 MW gas combined cycle power plant in France: risk analysis of the plant's supply and resale; Advice to the legal and financial parties of the mandated investment bank for the takeover.

Infrastructures. Technical and regulatory due diligence of the assets and activities of the GRT gas transport network operator, in the context of its capital opening.

Renewables. Due diligence of a portfolio of 4 hydroelectric plants, two of which are under concession, for a total power of 50 MW: Assessment of land rights, access easements, concession decrees, infrastructure and connection conditions to the distribution and transport electricity networks; evaluation of handover and return assets; Assistance in drafting investment contingencies.

Solar. Complete financial, legal and technical due diligence of a 39 MW ground solar farm in France; Support for acquisition negotiations.

Wind. Due diligence and risk analysis of a portfolio of wind projects in Europe. Checking of the compliance of permits and land rights; Creation of the financial valuation model; Economic analysis and business plans. Recommendations concerning investment suspension clauses.

Company. Due diligence of a natural gas storage company.

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