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Our consultants assist you in the financial valuation of energy companies and assets, in the context of an acquisition or an equity stake.

We have solid expertise and a strong reputation in this area, as we have contributed, on behalf of our clients, to the implementation of robust financial models and evaluation methodologies specific to the composition and diversity of their portfolio: wind, hydraulic, solar, biomass, thermal, networks, etc.

We apply the most appropriate valuation methods to the company's activity, whether the company is already in "cruise control" or whether it is looking for funding sources to support its development. Our work is exhaustive, it takes into account the exact nature of the companies evaluated, as well as the tax and accounting aspects specific to the different energy sectors concerned.

Financial modeling and valuation of energy companies and assets

We answer the key investor issues:

  • by calculating and determining precisely the parameters involved in the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • by taking into account, in our calculations, essential or specific variables to the energy sectors: country-risk, exchange rates, regulated rates, market revenues or guaranteed by the State
  • by quantifying their impact on the WACC to be retained according to the asset analyzed

Types of assets, companies and portfolios valued:

  • trading, production and service companies in the energy sector
  • power plants: wind, solar power, biomass, combined cycle gas, biogas, cogeneration, coal, hydro...
  • infrastructure and networks: gas and electricity transport and distribution networks, storage facilities, regasification facilities...

Our valuation service

Completion of the Base Case Model (stand alone financial model) of the target energy company or asset

Validation of depreciation hypotheses, costs and revenues, taxation based on the nature of the asset and the state of the market

Estimation of future productive capacity and sale prices, regulatory or market

Determination of the Weighted Average Cost of an asset, by nature and country

Evaluation of the purchase price


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Asset valuation examples

Financial modeling and valuation of thermal power plants

Thermal power plants

Due diligence and financial valuation of combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants ranging from 400 to 860 MW

Financial modeling and economic valuation of gas network and infrastructure


Modelling and financial valuation of gas storage companies, LNG and gas and electricity transport for several billion euros of value

Financial modeling and valuation of renewable solar assets


Financial valuation work on around twenty projects ranging from 3 to more than 100 MW

Financial modeling and valuation of windmill assets and companies


Financial evaluations and technical audits on nearly 100 wind parks and projects

Financial modeling and economic valuation of hydroelectric power plants


Business plan and financial modelling of about ten hydroelectric concessions to be renewed, ranging in size from 8 to 84 MW

32 power plants of a few MW, audited and revalued

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